Ascending Inferno
Contract UI portrait work for the game Ascending Inferno by Opollyon Studios.
You can also see the character design I created for the game in my Concept Art tab.
The Devil's Cookbook
The Devil’s Cookbook is a single-player 3D top-down cooking game in which you’re trapped as the cook in a demonic kitchen. The ingredients are alive and the patrons will take a bite out of you if you don’t serve them quick enough. Can you survive your shift?
I worked primarily as the GUI artist on this project, creating the GUI, icons, concept art, logo and illustrations for the game. All of the GUI pieces present here were created by me. 
How's It Growing
How's It Growing is an educational, fixed perspective point-and-click puzzle game set during the first plantings of the Australian National Botanic Gardens in the 1940s. You play as a budding botanist, learning about plant life cycles by manipulating plant environments to grow 3 native plants and disperse their seeds through interactive challenges.
This game was completed as an end-of-first-year project and was a collaboration between the AIE and the Australian National Botanic Gardens.
I worked as the lead artist on this project, primarily creating UI and 2D assets such as particles and painted background objects. I also concepted several characters.
All assets present in the above images are by me, excluding the design of the Sugar Glider character created by Lara Diego.
Implementations of my particle set are in the two videos below. The alphas that change the ground colour whilst the fertilizer bag is being clicked were additional textures created by me.
Art Deco Rock/Paper/Scissors
Rock Paper Scissors is a solo Unity project in which I produced a user interface from a provided wireframe, including particle effects and other design elements.
Fly-High Fishing
“Fly High Fishing” is a VR fantasy bow-fishing game set within a hot air balloon high above the clouds. The player’s task is to catch as many fish as they can with their bow & arrow before the timer runs out.
This was a project created in 4 weeks, with all art assets being made within only two of the four weeks. I was the user interface artist on this project, and created all UI elements present in the game as well as the game logo. 

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